Workbooks: Another Look at a Useful Tool


A good workbook can reinforce or expand on your lessons, workshops or lectures by reviewing and expanding on concepts you introduce in your aural presentation. It does this by asking each learner personally to respond to your questions. Lets explore this a bit.

For the purpose of this discussion lets suppose you do an amazing 3-hour workshop entitled “Problem Analysis and Research Planning”. You have decided it needs a workbook to go with it. For those attending the workshop it needs to include an outline of the workshop, and pages for your participation exercises. Perhaps students work in pairs and discuss a short case study scenario. The workbook includes the case, the task description and a place for them to write their comments, answers, etc. Workbooks should include bibliographies, and supplemental articles on topic.

To increase the value of your workbook, include a CD or DVD of parts of your lecture. Then transcribe these portions and intersperse with questions and answer space that determine learner comprehension.

Now your workbook has started to grow in size. And with that audio or video component has become a respectable size suitable for back-of-the-room sales . You now have a book. And with a book that includes CD/DVD, transcripts and questions, don’t you think its worth more as a stand alone? Do you think you could sell it seperately for 4 times the production cost?

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So, what do you think? Leave a comment.


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