Getting Attention: The Core Concept of Marketing

picture-130.jpgPutting together a lecture tour is hard work. I only gave myself seven months lead time, a big mistake. You need time to build relationships with potential host genealogy groups. Its been claimed that the essence of marketing services like genealogy lectures and workshops is getting attention. Recently I learned about four main ways to get attention; clearly communicating your marketing message.

The four ways to communicate your marketing message are by communicating the following:

1. Who your ideal clients are. [Intermediate level genealogists in Washington, Oregon and British Columbia]
2. The problem your clients face [They need advanced methodology to overcome brickwalls to reach research goals]
3. The solution or outcome you offer [My workshop teaches problem analysis, reserch planning and three successful strategies to knock down brick walls]
4. A story about the above three [ Here are success stories from three students who followed my strategies]

With this in mind I would develop several versions of this message. My campaign would begin by submitting an article based on this model and including a couple of case studies, and emphasizing points 2-4, to every genealgy newsletter / bulletin in the target area. Within a month of publication send the members of the executive the same message in executive summary form. Mention potential dates for your tour in your cover letter. Follow this up with a phone call. Ask if you can send along your media kit.

In all communications focus on how you can help them reach society and personal genealogy goals. now you are ready to respond to their need and you have their attention.

What do you think?


2 responses to “Getting Attention: The Core Concept of Marketing

  1. Ken,

    Excellent plan – I like it! I think you have identified a good strategy to market your talents.

    Why limit yourself to the Northwest? What about conferences and the NIGR type of courses?

    Cheers — Randy

  2. Randy, et al
    The NW references were an example only. I have withdrawn from the lecture and seminar business to work on some other educational projects including a book and hopefully an online course.
    Set your goals big Randy. a man’s reach should exceed his grasp. Touch the stars – or Oklahoma.

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